Okay... So what is included?

Ernie loves packages of all types so he made his all-inclusive pricing a great package too!
  • Blueberry Facial – Tearless, deep cleans and brightens muzzle

  • Hydro Spa Bath – Your choice of any shampoo and our top quality conditioner

  • Nail Trimming – Includes filing if your pooch is okay with it 🙂

  • Teeth Brushing – Two step gel application loosens plaque and tartar

  • Ear Cleaning – Helps remove wax buildup from outer ear area

  • Hand Blow Dry – No cage dryers here

  • Just a Bath? – We include a shedless treatment (Works great every 4 -5 weeks)

  • Need a Haircut? – We include a paw pad and sanitary trim

Every dog is different but here are some prices… our service is not for everybody but we sure hope it is for you.  All prices are estimates and require haircut dogs to be on a schedule of 6 weeks or less.  Unfortunately, we do not offer a la carte or periodic grooming services at this time.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Short Hair Bath Dog $75-$95
Small Dogs $85-$105
Medium Dogs $105-$125
Large Dog – Starting at $125

All pricing is specific to your pooch and is based on a 6-week professional grooming cycle.  Size, weight, coat type, temperament, and breed determine their all inclusive price.  Weight limits may apply based on groomer availability and your neighborhood.  We cater to a really diverse crowd; no two dogs are the same!!

I am ready to set up a Spa Day!

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