Est. 2012

Ernie 'The Bulldog'
Ernie 'The Bulldog'Canine CEO
When Ernie is not pretending to work or watching HGTV, he mostly just sleeps and snacks. He often has to make business trips (not the ones in the yard haha) to help out his human staff. Ernie has a great job and gets to try out dozens of new products and techniques for free. He hopes they never figure out how easy his job is. Ernie especially loves breathing heavy on the phone to telebarketers …. boy they can be relentless.
Dina our co-founder attends many trade shows, samples dozens of products a year to find the right ones, and adjusts our process based on continuing education and feedback from our loyal clients (this includes dogs). She is Ernie’s primary translator in the boardroom. Most of the staff think she is Ernie’s favorite 😮 (Boss’s Pet)
Jimmy works in the office with Ernie to build things like this website and all the technology that keeps Ernie’s Dog Spa running smooth. He is known to have a rather rough demeanor but don’t worry his life is run by a stout bulldog…. how bad can he be. Ernie hates mice, computers, social media and all things techie … he let’s Jimmy stick around to take care of these things.